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Custom Glass Projects

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Unlimited Possibilities

  • Wall Mirrors
  • Glass Tables
  • Table Tops
  • Glass Backsplashes
  • Smart Glass
  • Glass Shelves

Interested in glass tables and mirrors, or just looking for something out of the ordinary? Watch the video below on custom glass to get a better idea of our service.

Painted Glass, Table Tops, Mirrors

Free Design Inspiration

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Glass Thickness Description

Less than 1/8" — protective custom glass tops, cabinets, furniture, antiques, picture frames.
1/8" - custom glass table tops, picture frame glass.
3/16" - insulated glass units, cabinets, small glass shelves, glass table tops.
1/4" - custom glassware, custom glass shelving, custom glass surfaces for furniture.
3/8" - custom glass shower doors, custom glass table tops, custom glass panels, custom glass patio tables, custom outdoor furniture.
1/2" - custom glass patio tables, custom glass table tops, protective top custom glass surfaces, custom glass windows, custom glass sheets, custom glass showers.
3/4" - art exhibits and designs, glass staging areas, custom glass sheets, heavy glass store fronts.
Greater than 3/4" custom security applications, sound proofing, bullet-proof glass, custom stairs, flooring.

I was curious about having a mirror installed in my bathroom, so I called Chicago Glass Repair. At first I was going to just get a free estimate, but when I found out how cheap it was I actually ended up getting a glass table-top also to protect our new table we just bought. Everything worked out perfect and I can't wait for my next custom glass project.